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BCA certificates offer you pseudo-anonymity, and therefore:

  • 1. When under certification, it prevents you being associated with illegal activities in the management of your crypto currency operations.

  • 2. Offers you covert measures (dark pool algorithms), that protect your privacy.

Companies need to know their customers as well as their investors and the risks associated with their commercial relationship. A great deal of time, economic effort and human resources are spent on certification processes rather than on core business activities.

Blockchain Certification Authority

You will be certified only once (by one member of the BCA community), but it can be checked and confirmed subsequently by everyone.

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Taboow, Your Crypto Insurance

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With TABU(Taboow tokens), you may participate in the ICO system and will be able to obtain privileged access to any transversal systems and services needed by every crypto adopter to be successful. With TABU tokens you can get certified and subscribe to protection plans.


Enjoy turnkey community solutions to comply with your KYC, AML and any regulatory requirements.

ICO Consultancy

Join our community of high professionals and experts, ready to share with you their experience and insights.

Tax & Assurance

Regulatory Risks assessment. We aim to provide support for all members so that they may operate with confidence.

Legal Support

Our team offers legal assistance and may act on behalf of members to defend cases or institute proceedings.

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By entering into crypto money world, on your own, you risk:

  • 1. Getting inadvertently involved in illegal activities.

  • 2. Having your investments compromised or stolen.

That is why:

  • 1. Your transactions will be differentiated from non-certified ones with special alerts in case of risks.

  • 2. Any issued tokens blocked or stolen may be regenerated and re-associated to your profile.

  • 3. By providing the usual minimum required information, you will receive a pseudo identity which will protect you from common frauds and scams.

  • 4. Your pseudo identity will help you enjoy the world of cryptocurrencies while mitigating any risks involved.

  • 5. Your pseudo identity will be blocked should it be compromised in any way.

  • 6. When blocked, you will be issued with a new pseudo identity using information previously recorded and be compensated for losses.

  • 7. You can continue to enjoy the world of cryptocurrencies!

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Q2, 2018

Genesis of the idea

Q2, 2018

Technical conceptualization

BCA Alpha development

Q2, 2018
Q2, 2018

ICO Presale

ICO Launch

Q3, 2018
Q3, 2018

BCA Development

BCA Beta test

Q4, 2018
Q4, 2018

KYC services

Creation of models and standards

Q1, 2019
Q1, 2019

Direct or indirect banking agreement.

Implementation of the platform.

TABU tokens distribution

  • ICO and Presale Tokens (figure will be updated once ICO ends)
  • 5.000.000 Reserved for Taboow Project

ICO Funds allocation

  • 35% Development
  • 15% Purchase and distribution of assets issued in Taboow
  • 15% Communication and marketing
  • 12% Strategic operations
  • 10% Reserve
  • 8% Legal
  • 5% Security

Hervé Falciani

CEO & Head of Strategy

A. Sapena Ferrer

Vice President & Transparency Director

E.A. Sánchez-Pérez

Secretary & Metrics Director

E. Jiménez Fernández

Treasury Director

Daniel Vila

Artificial Intelligence and Semantic Analysis Expert

M. Ortega Pérez

Computer Vision and Deep Learning

J. M. Calabuig Rodríguez

Data Science Expert

G. A. Boris Bermeo

Systems Integration

Bulent Ozel

Privacy, authenticity and decentralization expert

Fernanda Peset

Data Protection Officer

Sara Diago

Digital Marketing Specialist

J. Sebastian Bejarano

Community Manager

Pep Lluís de la Rosa

R+D in blockchain advisor

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