Crypto-currencies, relying on decentralized model, offer new opportunities and represents new challenges. We need to build a web of trust so that no one will ever be forced to trust hierarchical centralized political or financial institutions.

TABOOW is the platform founded by a non-for-profit association TACTICAL WHISTLEBLOWER to support the expansion of this web of trust. TABOOW aims to enhance the technical infrastructure of trust. Its first challenge is to tackle the “Big Data” Privacy threat, without concealing illegal behaviours.

TABOOW has been designed to facilitate the adoption and access to a sustainable financial model, token based, that opens a world of new opportunities for investors who now will be able to contribute using cryptocurrency.

The Blockchain Certification Authority (BCA) is the starting point of our web of trust.


How is TABOOW being structured?

Taboow is one of the initiatives started by the Non-for-Profit Association Tactical Whistleblower. This Association is being financed by contributions from its members, donations, etc. Its aims are to protect the interests of their members who are brought together as a community by the TABU token. It may be constituted as a Foundation in the future.

Taboow has brought together experts in transparency, in privacy protection, in social and economic impact, in anti-fraud, in international commerce law, in pure and applied mathematics, in artificial intelligence, in business, in marketing, in finances, in blockchain and many others who do not appear in our website but who are taking part in this exciting adventure.

The new financial models designed by cryptocurrencies allow for the corporate structure to become more agile: a service (such as ours) does not need to be offered by a big corporation. A (crypto)currency brings together a community of natural and legal persons who support the same aims. In our case, Tactical brings together companies, association and collaborators that are united by a cryptocurrency.

Any departments found within a big corporation are being supplied by companies collaborating or that will collaborate with Tactical in this Taboow Project: Lawcom Codex offers legal consultancy, Lescovex offers Fintech, Arker offers TIC, Altindex offers Cash Management and there are others who offer communication and marketing, sales, finance and more.


What may TABU tokens be used for?

TABU tokens allow their holders to use any assurance services offered by the TABOOW platform and supports their partners interested in taking part or investing in the financial innovative world of cryptocurrencies.

It is worth highlighting the protection service offered by TABOOW through the BCA Project which allows the registration of lists not only of defaulting accounts, but also of good performing accounts. The aim is to assist any members holding TABUs to comply with requirements so that they may operate in the world of cryptocurrencies safely and without incurring in the risks usually associated with this type of investment, not knowing your customers, among others.


Why BCA?

BCA is for everyone concerned with privacy and responsibility. When you, as a user, are requested to provide personal or sensitive information to access providers' services, BCA will become your representing officer (nominee) and will provide the strictly necessary credential information asked by the services you want to access. In addition, BCA stores and protects your sensitive and personal information in a unique place only*.

As a user, once registered in the BCA, you will not need to register anywhere else. Your personal and sensitive information will remain stored in one node of BCA’s decentralized infrastructure.

As a service provider, you can ask BCA to manage your users’ credentials, and all related sensitive information. BCA will help you save money and effort by taking care of all your regulatory and legal requirements


How BCA addresses the usual cryptocurrencies issues?

Having your digital identity compromised (loss or theft) was the biggest risk you could face, but from now on, with BCA:

1. You will be able to take action and mark your stolen assets as 'Blocked'.

2. Your Blocked BCA tokens will be then compensated.


How to register?

Every user wanting to join BCA needs to load his X509 digital certificate in a BCA smart contract. Afterwards the user could decide whether to obtain specific credentials to access specific partners’ applications. After complying with a partner’s specific applications requirements, the user gets certified. The information that was used, through the certification process, will remain in possession of BCA only.*

*And security backups.


As a service provider, what should I do if I need sensitive/personal information from my users to use my apps?

BCA offers a modular architecture to manage all confidential information in full compliance with data protection laws:

As a services provider, you will:

  • 1. Select the appropriate credential modules you need, or define with BCA your specific requirements to grant credentials to your users.

  • 2. Then the user information (corresponding to the modules you selected) will be requested and managed by BCA.

  • 3. Every user of your services will, after complying with your requirement(s), get the corresponding flag(s) activated for their user’s ID (the user’s digital certificate).

  • 4.- Every user will be identified through his digital certificate only, and for that reason he will be able to operate under pseudo-anonymity.


How do partner companies access their users’ credentials?

BCA smart contracts give you access to all the credential information related to your users. You will be in a position to find all details registered along the process.

For example:

1. The first identification module will require your user to enter an email and/or a phone number.

2. Doing so, your user will be registered with module 1 (Base Identity Module BIM 1), with level Zero credentials but not with level 1, which requires the user’s phone number to be verified.

3. When an application requires its users to have module 1 level 1 credential, the application will check with BCA that the user’s certificate is granted with level 1 credential, for module BIM 1 (verified phone number).

Once a user’s certificate has been granted, it may be consulted through an authorized application.


How BCA network BCA becomes decentralized?

1. Crypto-currencies, based on decentralized models offer new opportunities and represent new challenges. We need to build a web of trust, so that no one will be ever forced to trust hierarchical, centralized, political, or financial, institutions.

2. TABOOW was founded to support the web of trust expansion. It aims at enhancing the technical infrastructure of trust. Its first challenge will be to tackle the Big Data privacy threat, without covering illegal behaviors.

Every BCA partner complying with BCA Internal Manual Procedures (IMP) can become a BCA administrator.

To become a BCA administrator for specific modules, members need to comply with IMP specific procedures.

Once a BCA member gets appointed administrator he will have certain rights and respon sibilities and will be able to appoint other BCA members as administrators.


Is TABOOW decentralized?

Yes, TABOOW is based on a community of administrators (legal entities) that are able to execute their administrative tasks, using a community software:

1. BCA Admin apps

2. Many Credential Certification smart contracts (created and deployed with BCA admin app)

3. One private repository, designed to store private and sensitive user’s information

4. One API for partners, to access their users’ credentials

BCA community is composed of its administrators. Every administrator relies on the same toolset, to manage credential’s flags.


How TABOOW redresses credential issues and prevents conflicts?

TABOOW is in charge of organizing audits and enforcing compliance with the BCA network. The audit and compliance processes will mainly depend on random based procedures, which could be changed and enhanced, by the same community, on request.

Whenever an issue arises, the conflict resolution or mediation will be managed through a committee formed specially to manage the case.

This committee will act as a court, and their decisions could even be appealed against. The committee’s member selection process will protect the interests of every party involved.


What is a sustainable finance?

A sustainable finance is a finance that guarantees:

  • - Safety of its users preventing the loss of their property, devaluation of their assets or inadvertently taking part in illegal activities.

  • - Inclusion of users who lack experience in this type of finances.

  • - Financial Agility within a circular economic model.

  • -Traceability.

To mention just some of the most evident features.

For that reason:

  • 1. The number of TABU tokens issued shall be limited for ever.

  • 2. Participants and investors will be guaranteed that their financial ambitions shall be met within the financial services offered by the TABOOW platform adapted to their profile. (Contracts O.T.C.: cf. Terms & Conditions).

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